Howard Danelowitz is known for his animated films and an abstract painter.  His film work included making independent productions for over 25 years.  He received grants from the American Film Institute, the New York State Council on the Arts and won awards at various film festivals including the New York Film Festival, where his film was eligible for an Academy Award.  Currently, his films are distributed exclusively by the Museum of Modern Art and placed in their permanent film collection.  He has been an Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, and taught at the University of the Arts.   His films are distributed by the Museum of Modern Art and placed in their permanent film collection. He has been an Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, and taught at the University of the Arts and Mass College of Art.  

Howard's abstract paintings have been exhibited at the opening of the Richard Meir Building in Brooklyn New York, and more recently at The Gloucester New York City as a permanent solo installation .  In addition, he has a unique venue on Instagram, danelowitzpaintings, titled, "Inspirational Designers".  His artwork can be seen alongside the most sophisticated interios imaginable.  He has highlighted Elle Decor magazines A-List-the annual registry of the most stylish, influential, and innovative interior designers from around the world.  Mr. Danelowitz has received enthusiastic reviews from such noted designers as, Amy Lau, Dan Fink, Nicole Fuller, and Fox-Nahem.

Howard works spontaneously with color, line and shape, following an intuitive process.  He constantly references back to his previous work, building on themes, and making connections between his pieces.  A newer series of works called Novo Spheres, started out with simple circular shapes, and continues to develop into more complex imagery.  The artist continues to coax his work forward to find out what is meaningful and lasting.

Howard's cityscape and landscape paintings are renderd on site- en plein air.  His approach is to develop all parts of the painting surface at once.  Then he goes back to the loose painting strokes, and finalizes the scene.  He is particularly sensitive to optimizing his use of color, and editing out what is unimportant to the scene.  In this manner, he conveys ideas simply, for maximum impact.  Howard is ultimately trying to reveal something unknown. In his representational work, he is looking to interpret reality in a painterly language that highlights what is meaningful.

Howard's sky paintings are created from memory.  He works quickly, with a limited range of three colors.  He will rotate the painting surface, until an image appears, then continue to work from memory.  This process of coaxing his imagery to appear is like watching clouds and looking for images to appear in them.


New York University
California Institute of the Arts
Pratt Institute


Pratt Institute
University of the Arts
Mass College of Art
Salem State College
Film Society of Lincoln Center


New York State Council on the Arts
American Film Institute
Rosalind Russell First Place Film Award FILMEX
Ottawa Film Festival
New York Film Festival


2020 The Gloucester, NYC.  Permanent installation of several paintings
2016-2017 Catskill Fine Art & Antiques  Opening Dec 3, 2016, closing reception Jan 14, 2017, Catskill, NY
2010 Richard Meier  Building, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
1983 Animators Gallery Broome St, NY


2022 -23, Circle 46 Gallery, Hudson, NY
2014 Columbia County Studio Tour, NY
2013 Columbia County  Studio Tour, NY
2012 Art Students League, NY
2011 Red Cat Presentation, CA
2009 Small Works, South Washington Sq East Galleries, NY
2006 Cal Arts at Museum of Modern Art, NY
1980 Arthur Roger Gallery, LA . 10 select artists working in various mediums including David Hockney and Howard Danelowitz


2008 Mention in Dictionary of Avant-Gardes by Richard Kostelanetz
1985 American Illustration 4
1984 American Illustration 3
1980 Named in Art in America Magazine
1978 Frames by George Griffin


2020 Instagram-danelowitzpaintings, Inspirational Designer Series featuring top New York Designers and Howard Danelowitz Paintings
2014 Columbia Newspaper, NY
2013 Columbia Newspaper, NY
1983 New York Times


Museum of Modern Art - Permanent Film Collection, NY